Reasons You Need a Divorce Attorney for An Uncontested or Simple Divorce

Reasons You Need a Divorce Attorney for An Uncontested or Simple Divorce

Not all divorce cases end up as bitter disputes and prolonged legal tussles. Divorce law in Texas recognizes two main forms of divorce viz, contested and uncontested divorce. Unlike the contested divorce, uncontested divorces usually don’t lead to complex and lengthy hearings. In uncontested divorces—also known as Agreed divorce—both spouses agree on every issue concerning the divorce, from splitting assets and debt to child custody, child support, and alimony.

The process for this kind of divorce is straightforward and can fall under the no-fault ground—which means no party has to prove any wrong doing. Since both parties have an agreement, they may not see the need for a divorce attorney. That is not advisable. Here’s why you need your divorce lawyer to draft and review the legal documents for your agreed divorce.

An attorney will help with interpretation

Terms used in Legal documents can be confusing for an average person. Your divorce lawyer will help you interpret the requirements of your divorce application. She helps you better understand your rights regarding your assets, debts, and child custody. Also, the attorney informs you of the short-term and long-term implications of every choice you are making.

An attorney will save you time

For an agreed divorce, all issues regarding the divorce need to be mutually agreed upon. You need to be thorough. A lawyer makes sure you get through all the issues of the divorce in the application to avoid any unnecessary back and forth. This can save a lot of time and help you move on faster.

An attorney will help with negotiations

Few things are ever agreed on without debate. Though you set out for an ‘agreed’ divorce, you may begin to have a conflict of interest as you progress through the divorce and consider your choices in detail. With a professional handling your application, you are sure to get the best deal in these situations.

Sometimes, due to the nature of separation, you may not be speaking with your partner. In this case, it is beneficial for both parties to have lawyers representing them throughout the process in order to have a peaceful outcome.

An attorney will save you cost

It doesn’t cost much to hire a lawyer for uncontended divorce when compared to contested divorce. Sometimes, when people decide to proceed with an agreed divorce without the guidance of a lawyer, it might not go smoothly. It may end up in court and you may incur more legal fees to fix the mistakes you unintentionally made. The value of an attorney to help you and make sure your documents are prepared properly in immeasurable.

For its benefits, it is better to opt for an agreed divorce. It is an even better decision to have a lawyer see you through it. For such a significant decision in your life, you want a lawyer to guide you through all the legal details.

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