Prenuptial Agreements

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Planning and signing a prenuptial agreement can be an awkward experience. You and your spouse are about to start your marriage, but you are planning for the end.

At the Law Office of Xochitl A. Ambriz, our El Paso prenuptial agreement attorney works closely with each of our unique clients, putting them at ease.

We believe that you are simply planning for something that may never happen, and that it is very smart to be proactive. In the event that something happens to your marriage down the road, you will have pre-emptively saved both money and time.

El Paso County Marriage Agreement Attorney Leaves No Stone Unturned

While signing a prenuptial agreement may seem simple, there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration, including:

  • What you presently own
  • What you will accrue during the marriage
  • Spousal maintenance
  • How money commingled during the marriage shall be addressed
  • Each person’s retirement savings

While giving you and your future spouse exceptionally detailed and compassionate service, our attentive Texas lawyer is able to quickly and efficiently build an amicable agreement that both parties understand and can sign with confidence.

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