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Adoption is one of the happiest areas of family law. At the Law Office of Xochitl A. Ambriz, our knowledgeable Texas lawyer works closely with each individual family, assuring that the child’s needs are addressed and the parents are achieving the best possible outcome.

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In many cases, our clients are stepparents who want to adopt the child. In these situations, there are several factors that the court takes into consideration, including length of time the proposed parent has resided with the child, social worker’s adoption study, and criminal background check. A biological parent whose rights are to be terminated can opt to voluntarily relinquish his or her rights or may just opt not to contest the termination.

For some biological parents, however, terminating parental rights is not an option, so he or she may obtain counsel. In an adoption there are several invested parties, and it is imperative that you have a thoughtful, detail-oriented El Paso adoption attorney who will represent you and the rights of your family.

If the child is of an age to communicate, he or she will also have an attorney, asking him or her what he or she wants and then giving this recommendation to the court.

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