5 Things a Will in Texas can do for you

5 Things a Will in Texas can do for you

Anthony Burgess, in his famous novel, A Clockwork Orange declared, “When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.” Choices in life are very important, especially  the choices that outlive us. Among the choices a man has to make in his lifetime, there are two that have the most impact on the world after he is gone:

  1. The choices he states in his will.
  2. The choice to write a will or not.

A will is a document that clearly describes who will manage your assets and estate in the event of your death.

It puts your Estate in the Right Hands

When you write a will, you decide who takes care of your assets in your absence. To make sure someone you know and trust is in charge of your estate, leave a will that states this clearly.

It secures the welfare of your loved ones

When someone dies, it is often his family and friends that are most deprived. A written will or a testament will ensure that the needs of these special people in our lives are taken care of. A person’s estate can be allotted to a family member or trustee that will ensure loved ones are taken care of.

It fulfils your dreams in your absence

With a well-written will, your dreams don’t end when you’re gone. Your will is the first tool you need in order to ensure proper succession in your business empire. A will gives you the perfect opportunity to put your estate in the hands of someone that you trust to carry on with your dreams.

It carried on your legacy

Your will places a rubber stamp on your preferences, pursuits, and values. The way a person apportions their estate gives the final impression of what he or she stood for in their living days. A person who issues a reasonable portion of her estate to a charity, for instance, will be remembered as a philanthropist.

It prevents unnecessary legal battles

If one dies intestate—that is, without a will—the government initiates a legal process, probate, to determine how the estate is distributed. This decision may not reflect your wishes or those of your loved ones who may decide to spend a lot of money on appeals. With a will and testament, this is usually avoided. Again, your benefactors are saved money, time and emotional stress that is caused by these legal tussles.

An early death is a tragedy, but without a will, it could become a double tragedy. There’s really no need to put it off to a later date.

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